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Pure Hemp Vape™ CBD ELiquid

Pure Hemp Vape™ CBD E Liquid - from Your CBD Source. Our CBD E Liquid is infused using our closely held and patiently developed 27 step process. Our High CBD (Cannabidiol) Hemp Oil is carefully extracted, meticulously filtered, dewaxed and purified. This process results in an extremely concentrated, CBD-rich oil that contains the full suite of active cannabinoids and other bio-active ingredients. We do not use an "isolate" or added terpenes. Our terpene profile is strong and from the source - Full-Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil.  We gently infuse our Max VG, CBD ELiquid with 85% Organic Vegetable Glycerin and 15% Natural and Artificial flavorings (mixed with USP Grade Propylene Glycol). Big vapor and many great flavors from which to choose. None of our products contain nicotine. We are pioneers in the CBD E Liquid business and provide product and consultation services to many companies in this industry.

Pure Hemp Vape™ CBD E Liquid

PURE HEMP VAPE Max VG - CBD E-Liquids. 85% Organic VG and 15% PG Flavoring. Three options - 150mg/15ml, 150mg/30ml and 300mg/30ml.

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