CannAffections Might Maple CBD Caramels Unwrapped

CannAffections™ Caramels Bulk 10 Pack

CannAffections™ "Mighty Maple Caramels" No Corn Syrup or Cane Sugar! CannAffections™ "Mighty Maple Caramel" is as unique and innovative as its name. CannAffections™ salted caramel candy and is made without corn syrup or cane sugar. We use only superior quality pure ingredients including, Certified Organic Maple Syrup, Heavy Cream, Honey, Butter, French Sea Salt, Vanilla Bean, Full Specrum Hemp Oil and Citric Acid. 25mg CBD Per Piece. New larger package - 10 Pack. 


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 CannAffections™ "Mighty Maple CBD Caramels" are handmade in small batches for our
partnership with Brookfield Maple Products and Sweet Revolution™ Caramels. 

        No Corn Syrup or Cane Sugar! CannAffections™ "Mighty Maple CBD Caramels" are unique and innovative. Sweet Revolution™ salted caramel candy is made without corn syrup or cane sugar. They are slow cooked to develop a complex caramelized flavor profile, distinct translucent deep amber color and smooth, chewy, creamy, buttery texture.  

Made with maple syrup. No corn syrup or cane sugar.


Our partners at Brookfield Maple use only freshest, organic and superior quality ingredients giving our caramels their distinct flavor profile. The organic Maple Syrup used in making our caramels is made on-site, at the maple tree farm of Brookfield Maple Products, traveling only a few hundred feet from the trees to where it's boiled down to maple syrup, then carried only a few feet to the kitchen where the caramel making process begins. They their our own butter without additives, just fresh heavy whipping cream. They make their own vanilla flavoring using whole organic vanilla beans. And they use flavorful, hand harvested, 100% natural French Grey Sea Salt from Guerande, France. After the initial process has been completed, the caramel is then carfully shipped overnight to CannAffections™ to be infused into "Mighty Maple CBD Caramels". Your CBD Source CAREFULLY follows the remaining parts of the recipe and directions to the letter, ensuring you get our Caramels as we love them, rich and sumptuous! Each CannAffections™ "Mighty Maple CBD Caramels" contains over 1 and 1/2 Tablespoons of Organic Maple Syrup. 


CannAffections™ "Mighty Maple Caramels" fresh made caramel candies are molded in generous size 1 inch squares, individually topped and hand-wrapped in parchment paper. CannAffections™ Caramel Candy has a shelf life of 12 weeks when kept cool and dry (55 to 68F). Do not refrigerate or freeze. Do not display or store in direct sunlight or near heat source. For peak flavor and texture, caramels are best enjoyed at room temperature.

Certified Organic Maple Syrup, Heavy Cream, Honey, Butter, French Sea Salt, Vanilla Bean, Full Specrum Hemp Oil and Citric Acid.
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